An Osteopathic Foundation funded research project

** The EdACHe Project is going live on October 21st 2019 **

1. Click below to watch a short video inviting you to participate in EdACHe Phase 1, a 15-minute survey.

2. Click below for more information in this 3-minute power point talk by EdACHe Project Leader Elizabeth Huzzey.

Please email info@ophm.org to register your interest for EdACHe Phase 1 if you have NOT received an email about EdACHe by:

October 21st 2019

Many thanks from the OPHM team

For further information please click on our Frequently Asked Questions further below.

Click below to watch a short video inviting you to participate in EdACHe Phase 1, a 15-minute survey:

Click below for more information in this 3-minute power point talk by EdACHe Project Leader Elizabeth Huzzey:


What is the EdACHe project?

EdACHe is a headache education research project arising out of the OPHM commitment to Education, Collaboration and Research.

It is:

  • an assessment of the current level of our working headache knowledge as osteopaths
  • an education project to create suitable online training based on this assessment
  • a training course which itself will in turn be assessed.

Who is EdACHe for?

It is developed for osteopaths by osteopaths working collectively as a special interest group called OPHM (Osteopaths for Progress in Headaches and Migraines). Phase 1 is only for GOSC Registered UK osteopaths.

What will the EdACHe Project involve?

It’s as easy as 1,2,3:

  • In Phase 1 EdACHe aims to find out what osteopaths as a profession broadly know already
  • In Phase 2 we want to address any gaps we might find in our knowledge through delivery of an online course that OPHM will create
  • In Phase 3 the course if created will first be assessed as to its efficacy and then offered to osteopaths

Am I myself being tested?


EdACHE involves a lot of assessment but you yourself are not being assessed! Phase 1 is just a snapshot of the headache knowledge of the whole UK Osteopathic profession, delivered in a user-friendly and clinically relevant way.

Will results be anonymous?


The results of Phase 1 will not be linked to your name, and we are only emailing UK osteopaths. To register your interest for Phase 1 please email info@ophm.org and we will make sure you receive your introductory email which includes a link to Phase 1. It will still be optional for you as to whether you take part or not, and we will not know your name once you click through and start the quiz. We will only check that you are a registered UK osteopath so that the research complies with the ethics regulations required.

Is there any cost involved to me?


EdACHe is a research project, and is funded by the Osteopathic Foundation. It must comply strictly with ethics requirements. There is neither cost nor remuneration involved. However, OPHM will say thank you to Phase 1 participants by allowing free access to the online course for a limited period if and when EdACHe Phase 2 & 3 have been fully completed.

Why is EdACHe needed?

As you may well know already from your experience, Osteopaths see and treat many headache patients in practice.

Through the creation of a tailor-made course, EdACHe aims to help the UK Osteopathic profession spearhead a gold standard level of safety and competence in headache screening and primary diagnosis, in collaboration with cutting-edge universities and medical headache specialists. EdACHe hopes to increase both clinician confidence and competence in practice, and thereby raise our standing in the wider medical professions. In so doing, we also hope to encourage an increase in robust research into osteopathy within the headache field.

Is EdACHe just relevant to Osteopaths?


However, the profession can play its part in addressing what is a worldwide lack of clinical headache training. This lack exists at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels in all medical fields and leads to countless sufferers being self-diagnosed, misdiagnosed and using inappropriate treatments. (WHO, Lifting the Burden www.l-t-b.org).

How long will the whole project take?

It will take 3 years, backdated to April 2019 when the OPHM team signed a contract with the Osteopathic Foundation.

What is the history of the EdACHe project?

OPHM founder members (see menu for Founders’ page) have been working towards the goals of the EdACHe project since OPHM was founded back in 2016. We have done this by sharing our passion and interest through running seminars at iO Conventions, giving talks at neurologists’ symposia, osteopathic regional societies and giving talks to student bodies.

As a teaching team we have:

  • developed taught courses with UCO evolving through feedback from attendees
  • undertaken Master’s courses and further modules in research, pain and headache management at world-class universities
  • expanded our educational skills e.g. in online and taught education
  • experience in how best to create learning aids on the subject of headaches
  • consulted medical and educational experts on headache education

What does the future hold for EdACHe?

Over time we hope to help more patients by offering the Phase 2 online course, once field-trialled, to all osteopaths.

Any income gained from future sales of any EdACHe course will help fund the non-profit work of OPHM and possibly also further research projects.

For further information please contact Helena Bridge on info@ophm.org.